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Gutter cleaning - repairs and replacement

Patio and pathway cleaning




Driveway cleaning


Wooden decking cleaning and treatment Builder’s site cleans




Conservatory cleaning


Post tenancy cleaning and clearance




School playgrounds and general Graffiti removal


Fascia and plastic cladding cleaning and Window cleaning




Services and Procedures

Gutters cleaning by Vacuuming

We thoroughly clean Gutters by using professional equipment but we will also use ladders when required to remove awkward objects by hand that have been causing obstructions such as loose tiles, heavy plant growth, and branches whilst also advising of any issues.

Driveway cleaning by Petrol driven jet wash

It is commonly thought that anyone can just buy a electric jet wash and just do it yourself that’s fine for cleaning small areas of paving, paths or washing down cars or motorbikes, but when it comes to Larger areas such as block Driveways these are totally inadequate that is why Novaclean use industrial standard machines that are quick to get the job done to the highest of quality. We will clean Patio slabs and Algae stained pathways and renovate the surface as necessary subject to site survey and advice, also cleaning concrete, creteprint, Tarmac and wooden decking surfaces.

Resanding and optional application of Hard surface Sealant

Re sanding is an essential requirement once the surface of Block driveways has been cleaned by Jet washing, this locks the bricks together, Sealant is an option and will vary in cost according to quality and brand and will reduce the chance of moss and algae growth between 1 and 3 years depending on usage.

PVC Cladding Soffit and Fascia cleaning

There is really only one solution for cleaning plastic surfaces good old fashion hand washing by brush and sponge and wiped by clean dry cloth to a shine finish, the longer you can maintain that look the longer it will last, this type of cleaning can be physically demanding especially high level areas so we take the risk but you see the benefit and transformation.

Conservatory Cleaning

Time and weather can be cruel to Conservatories and having cleaned dozens of different shaped and sized structures it takes patience and persistence to get dirt and grime under control but the longer it’s left the more chance of a complete renovation of panels is necessary from UV damage wind and moss ingress in-between struts and gaskets. Coastal areas are renowned for salt causing paint to peel and oxidisation of powder coated alloy structures so be aware this has to be done with expertise, and gentle caution.

Soak away clearance

A soak away is quite simply a hole in the ground filled with a mixture of hard core or gravel and in more newer properties a sunken box, that allows surface water or roof water to filter into the ground, these can sometimes get clogged by a build up of leafs and roof moss, the solution is to suck out by vacuum the excess debris depending on accessibility Novaclean have the right equipment to deal with most situations and will advise on the right way to avoid future flooding.